February 12 2023 News

February 12 2023

Good Morning Readers,

Today will have a maximum temperature of 29 degrees with Mostly Sunny conditions and winds are expected to be up to around 30km/h in the Riverina.

The UV Index is expected to reach 11 (Extreme) and Fire Danger level is at High.

Temperatures and the weather from tomorrow are the following 

Monday – Min 10 Max 28 (Sunny)

Tuesday – Min 10 Max 31 (Sunny)

Wednesday – Min 13 Max 33 (Sunny)

Thursday – Min 18 Max 37 (Sunny)

Friday – Min 19 Max 40 (Cloud Clearing)

Sunday – Min 21 Max 40 (Sunny)

The height of the Edward River as of 6am is 2.36m, it is down 2cm from the same time yesterday.

The sewer pipe in George Street is now fixed, Contractors and ERC crews are now completing works with the two lanes currently planned to reopen next week.

Digital copies of the Pastoral Times between 1866 and 1895 are starting to appear on Trove.

Be safe out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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