January 24 2023 News

January 24 2023

Good Morning Readers,

Today will have a maximum temperature of 28 degrees with Shower or two conditions and winds are expected to be up to around 20km/h in the Riverina.

The UV Index is expected to reach 11 (Extreme) and Fire Danger level is at Moderate.

Temperatures and the weather from tomorrow are the following

Wednesday – Min 15 Max 34 (Sunny)

Thursday – Min 18 Max 31 (Sunny)

Friday – Min 14 Max 34 (Sunny)

Saturday – Min 17 Max 39 (Mostly Sunny)

Sunday – Min 18 Max 32 (Partly Cloudy)

Monday – Min 15 Max 32 (Sunny)

The height of the Edward River as of 6am is 2.59m, it is down 3cm from the same time yesterday.

For those wondering about the George Street repairs, the ERC has been unable to continue making the repairs due to the height of the water table being unsafe for people to work on the problem so they’ll have to wait for it to drop to a safe level before resuming.

Be safe out there and enjoy your Tuesday.


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