January 15 2023 News

January 15 2023

Good Morning Readers,

Today will have a maximum temperature of 36 degrees with Partly Cloudy conditions and winds are expected to be up to around 30km/h in the Riverina.

The UV Index is expected to reach 11 (Extreme) and Fire Danger level is at High.

Temperatures and the weather from tomorrow are the following

Monday – Min 16 Max 37 (Partly Cloudy)

Tuesday – Min 22 Max 39 (Sunny)

Wednesday – Min 21 Max 29 (Shower or two)

Thursday – Min 12 Max 28 (Mostly Sunny)

Friday – Min 12 Max 31 (Mostly Sunny)

Saturday – Min 18 Max 32 (Possible Shower)

The height of the Edward River as of 6am is 2.82m, it is down 5cm from the same time yesterday.

There’s a Ernstsen bottle on eBay for those who like to collect the former brewery bottles.

Be safe out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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