November 1 2022 News

November 1 2022

Good Morning Readers,

Today will have a maximum temperature of 13 degrees with Showers conditions and winds are expected to be up to around 45km/h the Riverina.

The UV Index is expected to reach 8 (Very High).

Temperatures and the weather from tomorrow are the following

Wednesday – Min 5 Max 15 (Partly Cloudy)

Thursday – Min 7 Max 16 (Partly Cloudy)

Friday – Min 6 Max 19 (Becoming Cloudy)

Saturday – Min 8 Max 22 (Partly Cloudy)

Sunday – Min 10 Max 25 (Mostly Sunny)

Monday – Min 13 Max 26 (Sunny)

Around 8.2mm of rain fell around town on Monday.

Want to know the early history of the Federal Hotel? Pick up a copy of a book that tells you all about it from Deniliquin Florist for $40 plus free delivery.

If you’re looking for Deniliquin’s Hotel History or other bits from our website like bottle history, they have moved to you’ll also find scans of over twenty postcards of the town there too and information on a variety of topics.

Be safe out there and enjoy your Tuesday.


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