Evolution of Deniliquin Schools (2002-18)

We take a look at how the schools have looked between 2002 and 2018.


Below is DNPS from 2002, it has two basketball courts, the building known as ‘The Cage’, Library, two demountable buildings, shelter for assembly, shelter before the oval and the bus stop shelter.


In 2008, The Cage was still standing as seen on Google Street View though one of the Basketball courts were now gone.


DNPS in 2018 is different as there are two new buildings in place, no Cage and no library building.


Below is Deniliquin High School in 2002, there’s a tree in front of the MFR and the Basketball courts are not in great condition.


By 2018, the tree in front of the MFR is gone, there’s shelter in the main quad and in the other quads too, some trees have been removed from the Year 11 section (bottom left).

The Basketball courts are also in better shape as they are easily identifiable compared to 2002.


Deniliquin Christian School

DCS in 2005 was a very small school but it has had a lot of expansion between then and 2018.


DCS has added several new additions from buildings to shelters between 2005 and 2018.


South School

South School had minimal changes between 2005 and 2018


By 2018, South School had a water tank and a gardening area, an improved quad and additional buildings in place.

The school cricket pitches remain in their positions.

South 18

St Michael’s

Not a whole lot of changes have happened between 2005 and 2018 at St Michael’s

St Michael’s is the only school in town that has property on the other side of a street.

St Mic 05

Like all the other schools, additional buildings and shelters have been put in place otherwise the school will be as familiar to people as it was in 2005.

St Mic 18


There has been a couple of changes to Edward between 2005 and 2018

Edward 05

Additional buildings are now in place which is in line with the expansion of all the local schools.


The 21st Century has been good to local students with the array of new buildings or improvements to old ones.


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