Tennis on the way out

December 17 2019

Tennis is on its way out in Deniliquin as the North Tennis Courts and the Tennis Courts at the RSL Club are on the chopping block.

The ERC have plans for the North site which will serve the tourists to the town well but it is sad that they will be gone.

Tennis bye bye.png

The North courts unlike the ones at the RSL Club or Charlotte Street were not grass courts and gave tennis players choice of surface.

It was easy for North School students to go there to do sport in winter or spring, no bus required as they just needed to walk 430m from the bus stop and they would be at the building.


The RSL Club has six courts as well bringing the total from the two locations to twelve courts.

The word is that a car park will be built in the space, it could potentially double the availability of space that the the club and those around it would have available.

Other courts.png

So in the future, it will be down to the courts on Charlotte Street to keep people who want to do their forehands, backhands, smashes and serves playing around the clock.


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