Deni Pokemon Wrap (29/10/19)

October 29 2019

Deniliquin’s Pokemon Go players are still finding great Pokemon around town including the well sort after range of Shiny Pokemon.

An Omanyte with a CP (combat points) total of 447 was found across the road from the Sushi shop in Cressy Street.

A Polliwag with a CP of 355 was also caught around Deniliquin and this one was rare with perfect ratings for Attack, Defence and HP.

So if you’re looking for Pokemon in Deniliquin or feel like getting back into the game then rest assured that you will find good ones all around town.

Meanwhile there is two and a half weeks before Pokemon Sword and Shield is released, there is great anticipation for this game after the success of Pokemon Let’s Go.

The size of the game is expected to be more than 10GB which is massive compared to the size of Pokemon Lets Go.

That is all for this edition of Deni Pokemon Wrap.


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