July 11 2019

One of the most interesting stories we’ve ever heard is the tale of the tunnels that Deniliquin had (or has).

Most people are probably thinking ‘What Tunnels?’ but there were tunnels and they went a very long way.

The cellars of a number of Deniliquin businesses have sealed up entrances, people could hop from one business to another without needing to go above ground.

Reports currently indicate that part of the system ran from the old Dublin Hotel and goes along to St George and then goes down Cressy Street and ends up at Target right before the Jewelers.

One report indicates that the shops between the Globe and the Pastoral Times are connected to each other.

Another says that the entrance was where Centrelink is now and crossed to the Federal Hotel, it branched off to go as far as Black Cat and the St George Bank.

There is said to be a connection between the Exchange Hotel and the Coach House though the configuration is unknown though it was heading towards Burchfields at one end and Cressy Street at the other.

The story goes that some of the tunnel structure was for protection from Bushrangers and later expanded for war purposes or avoiding the police who were picking off illegal customers on the surface by the score particularly on Sundays.

It is likely that all that is left of the tunnels is the bricked up sections so don’t try playing Indiana Jones but it is interesting to know that many locals over the decades have walked over the system not knowing it was there.

So if you own a business in Napier Street or Cressy Street and you’ve got a cellar, take a closer look at the walls, the system may of been in your shop.


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