Napier Street works well underway

May 27 2019

Work on Napier Street is well underway and opinions are mixed on this action.

Some wish that the money spent on Napier Street was spent on something else, some wish that the rural street remains looking like a rural street and not some fancy suburban estate and some think the work is absolutely needed in these challenging times.

The ERC has been busy in Deniliquin with a number of projects started or completed in the last twelve months and it will be interesting to see if the hard work translates into votes in 2020.


As you can see the two above pictures are from the the Cressy Street side of the works, the fences are up and the road is largely dug up.


The above two images are taken from the Edwards Street side of the work and you can see more detail of the road and workers hard at work.

Businesses are still open as the footpaths aren’t blocked off so nobody needs to worry about the prospect of not being able to visit banks and other businesses.

We’ll keep readers updated on how the work is progressing over time.


1 thought on “Napier Street works well underway

  1. I lived on top of the old National Bank for 3 years in the three bed unit. The balcony was large but unusable due to the amount of pigeons living on the terrace, roof and window sills.
    The unit was great but even in 2015 Napier Street was struggling. So in terms of a street face lift. It’s can only be advantageous in the long term.
    Loved Demi, great place but like every small town I visit lately unemployment is rife and drugs are prevalent.
    Hope the facelift at least helps the commercial traders when it’s finished.


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