Goodbye Riverview Motel

May 18 2019

The Riverview Motel has officially started to join the ranks of the motels and hotels that have ended up going away from sight but not from memory.

Occupying the corner of Butler Street and Wenbern Court, its location was handy especially for summer tourists who only had to walk 250m to get to the McLean Beach or if they just wanted to take a look at the Edward River just take a look at the back.


Anybody who wants a coaster from the Wenbern days currently have the opportunity on eBay to buy one just like the one we have above (not buying from us).

Deniliquin History in Photos is covering the story to its usual standards by taking plenty of pictures from multiple angles to ensure visitors get the full story of its demolition and you can see that below.

The comments are just as interesting as the pictures as many have told of their memories with many starting their married life there and will forever be a source of happiness.

The Motel will live on Google Earth and Google Street View in its 2008, 2012 and 2018 and at the rate Google updates Street View, it may be up for a long time to come.


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