Sports Talk (25/4/19)

April 25 2019

Only the Rams played on Good Friday with the Rams hosting Finley at Rams Oval .

Below are the results separated into the categories of Rams Football and Rams Netball.

Rams Football Results

Seniors won 7.13 – 55 to 7.10 – 52
Reserves won 13.7 – 85 to 4.9 – 33
Thirds lost 4.10 – 34 to 3.1 – 19
Fourths won 20.9 – 129 to 0.6 – 6

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 71 to 26
B Grade won 53 to 26
C Grade won 69 to 22
C Res – Did not play
17 and Under won 62 to 15
15 and Under won 65 to 7
13 and Under lost 37 to 32
11 and Under won 31 to 1


The Rams Seniors win not only brought them their second win for the season but an appearance in newspapers around the nation as one player had to leave the game to help save the life of a dog and then returned to the game in time for the Rams to overrun Finley.

Rams Netballers won all but one game that their team participated in.

We’ll be back on the weekend with another edition of Sports Talk.


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