Deniliquin’s Crazy Weather (Nov 21-22 2018)

November 23 2018

Deniliquin has had some interesting weather this week.

A dust storm blown across town on Wednesday and during that time rainfall also reached town causing the dust to turn into drops of mud or ‘dirty rain’.

Once clean cars were quickly turned into cars that looked like they went through a couple of puddles but it could of been dirtier if not for the rain coming to a quick halt.

High winds came on Thursday with winds reaching 52km/h and gusts reaching as high as 72km/h and the rain returned to drop a couple more millimetres and the town even got some hailstones.

Unfortunately the town is still slightly more than 30mm off its November average for rainfall and has received 119.6mm less rainfall than this time last year.

Deniliquin is expected to get some cool conditions to end November with a little rain added to the mix.


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