Deniliquin gets Google Earth update

November 4 2018

Google Earth has updated its satellite image of Deniliquin.

The image of the town was taken in October 2018 and it has been over a year since the last time it was updated.

Viewers will now see no more railway platform remains and no more giant green space in the TAFE Campus but they will see the new TAFE building, the footpaths at Brown Park and other parks, Coles having shaded parking, the new Police Station and much more.


Unfortunately Google Street View is still largely stuck in 2008 so you will still see now gone places like Go-Lo, Pinky’s Pizza, RetraVision, Dick Smith Electronics and also places like Big River Real Estate in a different street than where it is now.

Hopefully soon Google Earth will come visit town again and they update the rest of the streets like they did with just Hardinge Street in 2017.


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