Deni Speaks (21/9/18)

September 21 2018

24 people answered our question of “Should there be an upgrade to footpaths, making them wide enough for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters?” 16 (67%) voted for Yes and 8 (33%) voted ‘No’.

25 people answered our question “Are you looking forward to the Ute Muster?” and answers were pretty wide spread but it appears that while most aren’t looking forward to it they don’t mind it being around.

7 (28%) said No, it doesn’t interest me personally
7 (28%) said No but have fun if you’re going
6 (24%) said Yes, I love the Muster
3 (12%) said Yes, I love the business it generates
2 (8%) said No, wish it would go away

22 people answered our question “Should water be taken from the basin plan to grow fodder for stock?” and 19 people (86%) said Yes and 3 people (14%) said No.

16 people answered our question “Should milk prices rise by at least 10 cents to help dairy farmers?” with 13 (81%) saying Yes and 3 (19%) saying No.

Just after these results Coles raised prices of 3 litre milk by 30 cents to help Dairy Farmers.

Thank you for voting and for reading the results, if you have a sensible question you want polled, please let us know.


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