Poll Time (5/9/18)

September 5 2018

We are back with four new questions for readers to consider and these questions cover a variety of topics.

  1. Should milk prices rise by at least 10 cents to help dairy farmers?
  2. Should water be taken from the basin plan to grow fodder for stock?
  3. Are you looking forward to the Ute Muster?
  4. Should there be an upgrade to footpaths, making them wide enough for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters?

There are calls for a levy to be added to the price of milk, a levy would rise the price by at least 10 cents so farmers can get a couple of cents more for their dairy produce.

While the milk war has been good for consumers many feel that it is more than ok to pay a little more to ensure the survival of the dairy industry, what do you think?

Barnaby Joyce believes that water should be taken from the MDBP so farmers can grow some much needed fodder for their stock.

Political figures ‘slammed’ the idea from Australia’s new drought envoy with the Greens believing Barnaby is into destroying the environment, so it comes down to asking do you agree with taking the water or not?

The Ute Muster is coming up at the end of the month and there is always a variety of opinions on the subject, some wish it would go away, some aren’t interested but , some love the increase of business the event brings and some just like everything the event brings, what do you think?

Lastly we ask if the footpaths around town should be widened to allow for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters.

Polls will run until Wednesday September 19.


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