Deni Speaks (28/8/18)

August 28 2018

Over the last two weeks we have asked locals a series of questions that were suggested to us.

89% of voters (89 votes) believe that 102.5 and 2QN have not improved under their current owners.

60.67% (54 votes) of voters say that they are interested in Food Waste Recycling while 39.33% (35 votes) say they are not interested.

66.3% (61 votes) of voters believe that the CBD speed limit should not be lowered to 30km/h and 33.7% (31 votes) believe that it should be lowered to

54.17% (13 votes) of voters think the actions of the Liberal Party last week while make them not vote for them compared to 45.83% (11 votes) who said it would not make them not vote for the Liberals.

If you have any sensible questions you want polled, please inbox us.


1 thought on “Deni Speaks (28/8/18)

  1. Who thinks Deni needs an upgrade to footpaths, making them wide enough for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters. (Not at the expence of rate payers but funded by state projects funds) offered to councils periodically.


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