Who wants Krispy Kreme?

June 13 2018

The title is not a joke, there will be some Krispy Kreme donuts to be eaten in Deniliquin on August 4 but only if you order them first.

Deni Theatre Company is doing a fundraiser because they need props, costumes and other items for their production of Alice in Wonderland and so they have chosen selling Krispy Kreme donuts as their method of raising funds.

If you want a dozen original glazed donuts it will cost you $20 but if you want the Fundraiser Assorted pack containing six Original glazed, two Choc Iced, two Strawberry Iced and two Choc Donuts with Sprinkles and it will cost you $24 (take exact change with you when ordering).

To place your order, please see Anthony Myatt at Imperative Apps located at 208 Cressy Street by July 20 and bring your money with you.

Imperative Apps is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5:30pm so there is plenty of time to see them.

As mentioned earlier the donuts will be available for pick up on August 4 and will be at the Basketball Stadium (why the Stadium will be revealed later).

Further details can be seen on the Deni Theatre Company Facebook page (link will take you to the post).


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