Growing Deniliquin

April 28 2018

How can Deniliquin grow and expand?

It is a question that has many answers because there is pros and cons to every situation.

There is so much that locals need or want to have in town and it often gets bogged down in ‘No’ and ‘But…….’ conversations, interest dies out and the task begins anew.

For years people want KFC back, the counter claim is that KFC was not viable and other KFC outlets had to make profit so KFC in Deniliquin could remain open.

People want a cinema back but people say that the Regent couldn’t get patrons to justify staying open even if it did offer the fantastic price of $5 per movie.

We lost our train access in the late 1970’s, we could of used it now especially with the Ute Muster and Cruising Nationals and every other event that comes Deniliquin’s way and lord knows the ERC loves events.

Some want the Town Hall to be opened back up to music entertainment as it is said the place was rocking to the beat of various music genres for decades but then again we have lots of spaces for such things.

The counter argument to the counter arguments on things like KFC and Cinema is that all the data is no less than eight years old, lots can happen in eight years from demographically to technologically.

Maybe KFC was built in the wrong spot or was too big, maybe the Regent was too big in size considering people used to skate on the ground level and there was even Video Ezy down there in the late 90’s.

There is the possibility that the Cinema question will be soon solved as DomaCom is going to put a 60-80 seat cinema in the Feddy once they raise $1.5 million and they will be teaming up with MOOVIBAR who offer an experience like Gold Class in big Cinemas.

Some may feel that if we go too forward we will lose our identity, much like how 1521 2QN and 102.5 are now part of radio networks and the local link is only about 25% of the day plus ads.

Why do we support the KFC petition etc so much? We believe in peoples right to dream the future, they might be right or they may be wrong but they got the right to share it and hope to find the audience to back them up.

Don’t be afraid to express yourselves with ideas or take action with them, the creators of Deni Community Theatre expressed themselves and created the DCT and it paid off for them and hopefully their fundraiser will enable them to get even more.

Who knows maybe the battered old Community Centre could be rebuilt to accommodate them and really give the youth more to do with that side of town and make the quiet side of End Street less quiet.

Keep thinking, keep talking, keep planning, keep on pushing Deniliquin forward and mix past with present and future.


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