KFC petition doing well

April 19 2018

The KFC petition launched by Matt Dyson is doing well.

There is currently 165 signatures on the petition and while it may seem a joke to some, it is serious business to some.

Perhaps it is time to bring KFC back to stop locals doing forays into Victoria for the eleven herbs and spices on their varieties of of chicken, keep money close to home and perhaps bring residents from neighbouring towns to our town too for their KFC fix.

Nine pieces for $10 on a Tuesday or two dozen nuggets at a decent price or large chips for $2, there are so many menu possibilities.

Of course there is opposition to the idea of KFC making a triumphant return, some think we do not need any more of the big chains in our town ruining our way of life and the facade of the town.

People fear that KFC will kill off competition, we’ve had McDonald’s since the late 1990’s and Subway in the last decade but we still see Black Cat, Laughing Chicken, That Pizza, Cressy Pizza and more still trading and trading well.

People say that KFC failed once therefore it will fail again but don’t forget that the Subway we’ve got is the second Subway we’ve had and when the second store was opened, it was well received so comebacks are possible.

The town loves takeaway, we cannot get enough and as mentioned earlier our town not Echuca could be the new port of call for travelers from places like Conargo, Warragoon, Blighty, Mayrung and Finley to get their KFC fix.

Imagine if the Federal Hotel gets its cinema going, Echuca will lose customers who went all the way to see a movie and get dinner on the way back, think about all that money that stays in town.

Business equals jobs which equals pay which equals spending elsewhere which in turn equals people being paid and they spend their money elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless and as we once mentioned the chatter has to continue, words are where ideas begin and actions begin from the reading of words.

Who is hungry now?


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