Sports Talk (12/4/18)

April 12 2018

This weekend is round two in the PDFNL competition and round three in MFNL competition.

The Rovers are travelling to Berrigan while the Rams get to put their feet up as they’ve got the bye.

Google Weather says there is a 93% chance of wind and rain on Saturday, any rain is expected between 2pm and 5pm and winds could be as high as 43km/h with the winds staying in the 30’s and 40’s from around 11am until 5pm.

Below is how the Rams and the Rovers stand after 2 and 1 rounds respectively.

Rams Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 14th
Reserves – 14th
Thirds – 3rd
Fourths – 3rd

Rams Netball Ladder Positions

A Grade – 3rd
B Grade – 3rd
C GradeĀ  – 4th
C Reserve – 2nd
17 and Under – 1st
15 and Under – 2nd
13 and Under – 3rd

Rovers Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 6th
Reserves – 1st
Thirds – 9th
Fourths – 1st

Rovers Netball League Positions

A Grade – 4th
B Grade – 4th
C Grade – 8th
C Reserve – 3rd
Under 17’s – 9th
Under 15’s – 4th
Under 13’s – 5th

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from the Rovers vs Berrigan matches.


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