New call for KFC to return to town

April 1 2018

A new petition has gone up calling on anybody to end Deniliquin’s enduring lack of KFC (no joke).

This year is the eighth year that KFC has not operated in town and locals are still relying on others going to Echuca and bringing back the stuff that contains 11 secret herbs and spices.

Of course it is not just the Chicken, there is their range of Burgers, Chips, Potato and Gravy and many more delights that make peoples stomachs rumble for KFC.

Some would argue that a lack of sales caused KFC’s departure in 2010 but it can be argued back that Deniliquin has changed with kids then are now teenagers and teenagers back then are now adults.

It will also create jobs though some do worry that a return of KFC may have a negative impact on the shops that are not franchises  though the counter to that is that McDonald’s and Subway have not annihilated businesses since their arrivals.

Will this petition succeed? maybe and maybe not but it is always worth a try to state that you want something to come to town as that is how progress begins.


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