Postcards continue to sell

February 28 2018

It has been awhile since we’ve been able to acquire any postcards but this week we have brought two of them to share with everyone.

Postcard prices seem to be hanging around the $26 dollar mark with postcards from the early 20th century bringing in much higher prices especially of buildings that no longer exist.

These postcards mention Deniliquin on the back with a date of August 8 1955 but looking at the Town Hall picture, the pictures themselves may be from 1938 as the centre posters are promoting a film called ‘Boys Town‘ and that was a film of that year starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

The words are not visible in the scanned version but when looking at the real postcard they are visible.

‘Boys Town’ is a film that is considered a classic, it won Spencer Tracy an Oscar for his portrayal of Father Flanagan, ensured Mickey Rooney’s star status and they made a sequel in 1941 titled ‘Men of Boys Town’

Hopefully a magnifying glass will reveal what the other boards say as it is always interesting to see what was going on in town at a certain point of time and there is a chance of a good estimate of the date by attempting to find 1938 or 1939 papers to locate screening times of ‘Boys Town’.

The second image is of the Memorial Gates, the list of those who died or served in combat during the second world war were not up in this picture and there is still a gate on the right side.

Readers will also notice that on the right hand side is a fence before Waring Gardens, this was before the now low brick fence that we are accustomed to seeing and there is also a different array of trees in the background.

One thing that has gotten our attention is that the two cards respectively say V.5 and V.10 making us wonder what V.1 to V.4 and V.6 to V.9 are and anything beyond it as none of the other cards shown to readers have that.



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