‘Dash to Deniliquin’ wrap

February 23 2018

Tomorrow will be one week since 110 passengers arrived in Deniliquin by Train to go eat at the Long Table Cafe in Warragoon.

707 Operations has two series of pictures and they can be viewed here and here.

The Lone Railrider has pictures and film of the trip with a short section of the video (shown below) featuring the train and its stay in Deniliquin.

The Deniliquin section starts from about the 9 minute 27 second mark and lasts until the  11 minute and 20 second mark of the video.

Historical train trips get lots of interest with this particular train being filmed by rail enthusiasts along the route, perhaps the interest historic train travel brings may entice the ERC to try bring more rail business to town and figure out how to roll out the red carpet at the current not very glamorous rail stop.


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