Pinball at 285

February 21 2018

Cafe 285 has a new attraction in shop and it is one that will take people back in time.

It is a Pinball Machine and it is of the popular movie and cartoon franchise ‘Ghostbusters’ and it is a solidly built machine made to be enjoyed many times over.

This addition to the Cafe should attract a new wave of customers as many would love to try their luck on such a machine and buy some food or drink along the way.

It costs $2 per game and that game consists of three attempts which can last quite a while if you get a game rolling.

People are currently wondering when was the last time a Deniliquin shop had a Pinball machine inside the store, thoughts are currently on the Regent Theatre as they did have arcade amusements in the foyer until it closed early this century.

May locals win their battle to keep the ball in the field of play and not endure the disheartening sight of the ball going between the flippers ending their game.


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