Debate continues on

February 18 2018

Debate continues on the ERC’s decision to move the Peacocks from the Waring Gardens.

89% of those who have voted on our website so far disagree with the decision saying the Peacocks are part of the town, they do bring in tourists (Peacocks aren’t common in Australia) and they are great to look at.

On the other hand there are the arguments that the cost of keeping the Peacocks is too high, the animals are caged up and people just want to keep them for nostalgia purposes.

Some can counter that Council has no problems with spending because they did spend over $675,000 for a 5 year lease of their shiny, new and portable building when there were other buildings available to use without the major expense.

Yes the Peacocks are kept in an enclosure though some can say that they are given more freedom than animals that are put in cages like budgies, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.

Keeping hold of the past/Nostalgia happens all the time but is it nostalgia or happiness in seeing something you seen before time and time again?

One point raised was about the Peacocks being in the Gardens when Fireworks are going off at Christmas time and it was raised back in December.

When we wrote about the Christmas Party in the Waring Gardens we did write the following;
some locals did have concerns about the safety of nearby pets and animals including the Peacocks and other animals in the Gardens itself.”.

Having Fireworks in the Waring Gardens was probably not the world’s smartest idea, animals hate fireworks and the Peacocks can’t escape the sound of them going off for minutes at a time.

Then you have hundreds of people going through the gardens especially during market times and people wonder about the psychological aspects for the animals, are they happy? are they frightened?

So let’s say the Council carries out what they say they’ll do and move the Peacocks, where will they go?

What if the Peacocks were let go in the middle of the Island Sanctuary? They remain a tourist attraction like the Kangaroos and other animals but on the other hand people will have to be comfortable with the facts there are predators in the animal kingdom out there and we also have to hope that nobody has any evil ideas.

What about having a space about the size of the Community Garden with a high fence and having them there? They can enjoy the sunshine a lot more as it won’t be fully enclosed, they will have a lot more space, food could be prepared elsewhere and cleanup may be less of a hassle.

The next idea going around is having them on a farm or a place the specializes in Peacocks, this can also work but it does mean the locals cannot see them anytime they wish.

There is a solution out there that can be a win-win for everyone’s interests but people have to work together and think together to make it happen instead of discussion breaking down into ‘lefty, greenie, animal lover, you’re cruel to animals,  party pooper’ word exchanges.

Stay tuned readers.


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