Valentine’s Day Music

February 14 2018

Valentine’s Day is here again and around town Roses, Flowers and Chocolates are making their way from person to person in this day of affection.

For us Valentine’s Day is one of the four days that need some music, the other days are Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day.

There is millions of songs out there, songs like ‘Love Is All Around’ which was first made famous by the Troggs (they recorded ‘Wild Thing’) and then was a hit again for Wet Wet Wet.

Then you got songs by the likes of the Bee Gees, Taylor Swift, Elvis, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and more, for every song picked there are many more in mind.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily has to be for couples, it could be the day a new relationship begins or it could be the day to express love or affection for people around you or it is a day etc.

Hopefully readers will find something in the videos below.

We end this playlist of love songs with a little bit of humor, the below song needs no introduction.

Happy Valentine’s Day readers.


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