‘Return and Earn’ expands

February 2 2018

It has been just over two months since ‘Return and Earn’ was launched by the NSW Government across the state.

Deniliquin was part of the first wave of cities and towns to receive a ‘Return and Earn’ machine giving locals a chance to recycle and get ten cents back per item.

The success of the the machine outside Central IGA has led to the expansion of the program with two more machines coming to sit with the machine already there.

65 million items have been recycled in NSW since the program started, that’s $650 million dollars back in NSW residents pockets but most importantly that is 65 million items out of landfill, streets, rivers and more.

There are a couple of things to be reminded of when using the machines;

If you need the TOMRA app, you can get it by following the instructions here, the page also shows how to use the app with the machine.

Users of the machines are urged to please park and stay in the section marked with the yellow lines.

Be aware of the Trucks, Forklifts, Cars and People when going in to do your recycling.

Trucks have right of way in the loading area and also keep an eye out for the Forklifts, both types of vehicles have blind spots and you could end up standing in one if not careful.

If you see flags, come back another time as it means that the area is too busy to be used.

Mid morning is the best time to use the machine as this is the time the machine is emptied, one machine can hold up to 500 items.

If there is a problem with the machines, call the number listed on the machine, the staff of Central IGA cannot fix the machine as they aren’t qualified to do so.

Congratulations Deniliquin on making ‘Return and Earn’ a great success and proving that recycling is very important to locals.


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