Cinema Pop Up ends tonight

January 7 2018

Cinema Pop Up ends tonight with a screening of ‘Step Brothers’, Cinema Pop Up has been occupying Edward River Oval for the last four nights and showing one movie per night.

The prices of food and drink have surprised or angered many, unfortunately the high prices is pretty much universal in cinemas around the country as everyone searches for a profit to keep afloat.

Some may of felt that the open air setup would of allowed a relaxation of rules concerning food and drink but like a traditional cinema, food and drink from outside is either not allowed or frowned upon although drive in cinemas can’t really enforce rules unless they do car checks which is a time consuming process.

Yesterday’s 43 degree heat led to calls for people to be allowed to bring in drinks to combat the heat, perhaps they will think about a heat rule or lower prices if temperatures reach a certain point in the future.

Overall Cinema Pop Up has been a success with those who have attended the screenings, hopefully this will lead to a desire for more screenings in the future and hopefully one day The Regent Theatre Mark III.


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