Era coming to a close

December 30 2017

The signs are down at Burchfields as the clock ticks down on one of the longest running businesses in Deniliquin’s long history.

Gone is the Holden logo on the pole, gone is the long, red sign that read Holden and Burchfields leaving just an empty space on the wall.

It is going to be weird in 2018 without seeing the business operating there, the business started building coaches before cars hit the road and then offered vehicles from General Motors manufacturers such as Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Vauxhall, Bedford and then from the 1940’s Holden.

For many decades in front of the dealership stood two petrol pumps, The Independent mentioned in 1937 that Burchfield Bros. asked for and was granted permission to install a pump and over time these pumps were replaced.

The business saw every make and model that Holden built in Australia, an honour that few dealerships would of had the chance of seeing through.

Holden’s retreat from Deniliquin has defied logic as the business was at the pointy end of car sales in Deniliquin and the service department has been considered vital to this area as people will have to go to the border to get their car serviced.

The good news is that the building is heritage listed and deservedly so as the building has been virtually unchanged over the decades as shown in the second link above shows it virtually unchanged from 1937.

So when 2018 starts, there be two empty buildings side by side, the Community Centre whose facade proudly stands over the footpath while it steadily loses windows and Burchfields, both waiting for somebody to come along and give them new life.


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