2QN and 102.5 available online

December 4 2017

For those unaware, you can now listen to 2QN and 102.5 online.

Listening is easy, at the top of both pages is a play button with a description of what is playing and listeners can just press play and go from there.

When we tested both websites out, we had trouble staying connected with 102.5 and 2QN’s streams taking several attempts to get going and both stations cut out after a couple of minutes or less.

We found that you had to reload the page a couple of times to get it going at various stages.

The streamed seemed low quality with the music not coming threw as strong as it can be like listening to a well worn cassette tape

The connection troubles could be internet related but we will try again soon and we will report our findings but getting to listen to both stations is nice.


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