Interest in N.D history book rises

November 14 2017

Two copies of ‘100 Years of Education in North Deniliquin’ have appeared on eBay in recent weeks with one selling for $41 and the other has an asking price of $100.

The book contains just over one hundred pages and it is quite informative as it also features some history of other past and present local schools like Warragoon, Wanganella, Wandook, Conargo, Tholobin, Booroorban School, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Elimdale, Morago, Moonah Cullah, Woodbury-Landale, Blighty, Carrigan Park, Mundiwa North and Tuppal.


The book has facts scattered across its many pages and below are just a couple

– DNPS is the third Deniliquin North school to exist
– The book explains how Veritas, Justita, Caritas was chosen
– It also explains how the design of the school badge came to be
– Council wanted the Sandhill but they only got a portion of it (for the Water Tower)
– Aside from the buildings, the Education Department did nothing else
– Bindies was a major problem in the development of the school
– A phone for the canteen was requested in 1973 and was deferred, it was installed in 1987
– Half a sandwich cost students just six cents in 1973
– Enrollment jumped from 161 in 1972 to 315 in 1973

Almost every page has a picture too and every DNPS year group in 1995 (K to 6) has a group photo towards the back of the book as well.

For those who like to know how kids got to school over between 1896 and 1996 there is even a transport section with pictures of the first buses and more.

The book is a wonderful snapshot of school history up to 1996 and we hope to be able to share more of it as soon as possible.



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