Crime Rising

November 4 2017

There are two growing problems in Deniliquin at this present time and they are thefts and vandalism.

Readers are almost certain to see every day on social media a report of somebody having items stolen from their yard, their car(s) or their home.

Residents are mulling over what actions to take, some choose to post what has happened to them on social media in the chance the wrongdoer sees it and comes forward and others choose police action in the hopes the wrongdoer is caught and is brought to justice.

Both options do work and sometimes they don’t, people can ignore the posts and keep doing what they’re doing taking the chance nothing will come of it and on the other hand there is a lack of faith in the justice system which makes people wonder why go through all the hassle of police investigation, court appearance etc only to see a people get a fine, suspended sentence or something light.

We urge fellow residents to please make sure their belongings are secure by keeping everything not in use locked up, keep your cars locked and if possible parked in sight of a security camera, Ute owners are encouraged to not leave anything in their tray as well.

Vandalism is rising as well, we’ve seen multiple reports of graffiti and property damage, some cases have seen the vandals caught due to eyewitnesses or security cameras catching them in the act.

Again people are dealing with it in various ways from reporting it on social media or going to the Police and we hope whatever victims do, they get the best results.

We hope this rising crime wave comes to an end soon and people will no longer worry if it will be their property next to have something missing.


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