Morning Cold Snap – October 30 2017

October 30 2017

Deniliquin residents and tourists who enjoyed a warm day yesterday were surprised by a massive temperature drop today.

The morning reached a peak of 16.2 degrees according to data from the Airport at 10:40am and by 11am the temperatures dropped 5.4 degrees and by 11:20am it was just 8.5 degrees.

Whilst 8.5 degrees is cold, the winds and other conditions made it feel like a very not spring like 4.0 degrees.

This is becomes winds of up to 57km/h, gusts of up to 76km/h and 2mm of rain by 11:50am were responsible for the temperature drop and the colder feeling.

The day improved to reach 16.6 degrees by 4pm but the day could of been better as temperatures were predicted to have been between 19 and 21 degrees.

Cold mornings are expected for the next week with minimums of four degrees for both Saturday and Sunday morning whilst on the maximum temperature side Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be tops with 23 degrees each.


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