Latest from the Candidates

October 10 2017

The Murray By-Election is getting closer and here is some of the latest going ons.

Pete Robinson (Independent) has released 10 policies and reaction to them have been mixed though some may like the idea of making MP’s use Public Transport where possible and giving thought to reopening the Narrandera-Tocumwal line.

There is some good news for the Deniliquin candidate and that is one Helen Dalton ad has him at number 2 preference.

Michael Kidd‘s (Country Labor) platform is for things such as better health services, Investment in Rural NSW and Investment in TAFE and maternity services returned to Leeton

Helen Dalton (SFF) who is leading our poll and polls in other publications is being targeted by the Nationals in ads that are considered to be ‘nasty smear campaigns’, Helen wants Police returned to Yenda and adequate staffing and rural incentives for nurses in rural areas.

Austin Evans (Nats) has been touring the electorate making stops in places like Barham, Deniliquin, Griffith, Moama and Hanwood and wants the Murray Valley National Park de-gazetted for the timber industry as well as a path built between Griffith to Hanwood and bullbars to be saved.

Ray Goodlass has been somewhat a mystery as The Greens don’t seem to be paying much attention to the Murray area.

News from Brian Mills appears hard to find but he does have a website that has not been updated for some time.

That’s the latest going ons from candidates on social media, don’t forget to check out and vote on our Murray By-Election poll, so far Helen Dalton leads with the Donkey Vote 2nd.


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