Snakes coming out to play

October 8 2017

Snake catchers are starting to get busy as they are getting calls to remove snakes away from people and their pets.

The snakes were hiding as usual in the cold months but now that the weather is starting to heat back up, it is their signal to come on out and catch some sun and get a snack.

If you do spot a snake in your yards or in your house, call Benny Moylan 0475378778
but be aware that Benny is only available to assist if the snake is inside your house or if you or a pet is in danger.

visit ‘Snake Sightings in Deniliquin‘ for additional advice but it is recommended you join the group ASAP as approval is required to see posts and it could take some time depending on admin availability.

Some basic tips on keeping the snakes from finding a place to hide are the following

Keep the grass low
Keep your garden tidy
Keep wood heaps away from the house
Keep a tidy shed also has some ideas as well from patching up holes in houses to eliminating sources of food for snakes such as bugs and rodents.

We hope all readers and their pets have a safe summer and autumn from snakes.


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