102.5 picked up in Numeralla

September 24 2017

A couple of months ago, we reported that a radio listener in Numerella could pick up 2QN on his radio.

Last week, a new upload was posted this time posting the results of what happens when trying to pick up 102.5 using aircraft scatter.

Aircraft Scatter was discovered in 1930 but according to the above link it did not take off until the 1980’s and is still largely unknown to people today.

Atmospheric Skip is the most known signal extender as people hundreds if not thousands of kilometres away can pick up faint signals from stations.

We’re no experts on Aircraft Scatter but it appears that signals bounce off aircraft that are overhead therefore extending the range of radio as they are high speed repeaters but the downside is that it may only last seconds or minutes.

Enjoy the below example of 102.5 being picked up from Numerella and we will continue to watch for further radio examples.


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