Community Clean Up Day – September 24

September 12 2017

A Community Clean Up Day has been organised to clean up the Cemetery on Sunday September 24 for the hours of 8am until 5pm.

This has come about after visitors to the graves of friends and loved ones noticed that weeds were in large numbers causing unnecessary mess in a place that is meant to be tidy in respect for the dead.

Weeding, Raking and general clean up will be part of the work done during the day.

Shovels and Rakes are advised to be brought as well as tools that can get weeds out of the ground.

Refreshments will be provided, examples of refreshments are Tea, Coffee, Slices & Cakes , a Sausage sizzle and Cold drinks thanks to many donations from Riverina Funerals, Deniliquin Friends Of The Cemetery, The Salvation Army and private donors.

The reason why the cemetery has been in a poor state is because of personnel changes and that Community Service was cancelled as they formerly kept the Cemetery in good shape.

Reminders will be posted in the daily news on DNS until the morning of the 24th.

Edit from September 16 2017:

Further details of the Working Bee can be found on the event page that has been set up to ensure that everything will be coordinated on the day and judging from past comments, a large turnout is not outside the realms of possibility.

If you are interested in being part of the working bee, please visit the event page and indicate your attendance by clicking/pressing on ‘Going’.


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