Council lineup still uncertain

September 10 2017

The counting for the election goes on though it is very clear Norm Brennan has been the most popular candidate of choice for voters as he has double the votes as the next candidate.

The other eight positions are not as clear cut though Pat Fogarty and Ashley Hall are pretty good odds of being locks two and three as Pat Fogarty is just above quota and Ashley Hall is just a little below.

So far the election site says the quota is 509 vote and if we have read the rules right, once somebody gets past the quota the vote counters give the above quota votes to the candidate listed by the individual voters as preference number two.

Right now the quota is progressive as the formal vote total is still unknown, once all formal votes are tallied, a target is set.

There is the possibility that when the dust settles the ERC could comprise of the following

2 x Deniliquin Council 2012 Councillors (Fogarty and Hall)
5 x Conargo Shire 2012 Councillors (Brennan, Metcalfe, McAllister, McCrabb and Wallace)
2 x Not from the above two (Betts and Bull)

Another possibility is 2 DC, 2 CS and 3 not from the previous councils.

Candidates like Rob Sobolewski, James Sides and Peter Connell may have great luck outside first preference and sneak into the Top 9, they are in range of the candidates running 6th to 9th.

Stay tuned readers, we’ll find out by Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Council lineup still uncertain

    1. Five was the minimum amount you could put down on the ballot paper, voters could of put down any amount over that number.

      The number five was chosen because it is just over half the amount of vacancies on council.


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