Grand Final Talk (7/9/17)

September 7 2017

The Rovers season comes to an end on the weekend with three teams in the Grand Final.

Rovers Netball

A Grade vs Tocumwal
C Reserve vs Blighty

A Grade has struggled against Tocumwal having lost their previous three encounters by 8, 7 and 12 goals in Rounds 8 and 17 as well as the Semi Final.

C Reserve are also against solid opposition in Blighty having lost their Round 1 clash by 9 goals, winning their Round 10 clash by 9 and losing their Semi Final by 17 goals.

Rovers Football

Under 14’s vs Tocumwal

Tocumwal won the Round 8 clash by 53 points, the Round 17 clash by 57 points and the Semi Final by 52 points.

Tocumwal has had the perfect season so far and the Rovers have had a good season dropping only four matches all season including the Semi Final.


All the above may not look really good but some will tell you it doesn’t mean a thing, there are things to consider like weather, health, nerves and levels of confidence.

Cooler or warmer conditions may help or hinder players, the recent cold and windy weather may have affected players, nerves can made a solid player make mistakes and the right balance of confidence can do wonders while too much or too little confidence can do the opposite.

So all the Rovers have to do is keep relaxed, listen to instructions, play their best, play for each other, keep calm and let things play out from there.

We’ll be back Saturday night with all the results.


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