ERC Candidates List

September 4 2017

Here are the 17 candidates for the ERC Election to be held on Saturday September 9, Facebook page links are added to the names where possible so voters can read up on policies to make the best possible choice.

The list is broken up into localities as put in the candidates section of the NSW Electoral Commission list.

Norm Brennan’s page can also serve as a point to read the strong points of electing Mac Wallace, Nick Metcalfe and Peter McCrabb.

Please remember that voting is compulsory for all residents residing in the area of the ERC who are on the electoral roll, candidates discovered on the weekend that some locals believed the election was for ratepayers only but it is for all residents on the electoral roll.

Candidates wanting to make Facebook pages

If any candidates are reading this and haven’t created a Facebook page before and wish to do so have to do the following

1. Go on Facebook
2. click on the down arrow on the top right corner of the website (next to question mark)
3. Click on ‘Create Page’ and then follow the steps

Making a page will ensure personal security rather than bringing people directly to your personal profile.

ERC Election Candidates

Below is the list of the 17 candidates.

Norm Brennan
Airlie Circuitt
Ashley Hall
Norm McAllister
Pete Robinson
Sue Taylor
Peter Connell
Andrew Howley
Jeff Shand
Pat Fogarty
James Sides
Peta Betts

Nick Metcalfe

Rob Sobolewski

Mac Wallace

Peter McCrabb

Margaret Bull


5 thoughts on “ERC Candidates List

  1. Hi Deni News Service, I have a Facebook post as well. It is generated on my personal page but is “public”, with no access to my personal page, I hope ? How can I get it so you can use it as well ?.


    1. We would recommend that you create yourself a page so you don’t have people going through your personal posts because your FB profile is public.

      Pages are entirely separate so people can’t look into your profile, if you don’t know how to create a page on the computer you go on Facebook and click on the down arrow on the top right corner of the site (next to the question mark) and go to ‘Create Page’ and follow the steps.


  2. Could you please get the message out to all readers that it is compulsory to vote in the ERC election this Saturday 9th September if you are on the electoral roll in NSW. When handing out flyers on the weekend a lot of people thought that it was restricted for ratepayers only. There is $55 fine if you don’t vote! Thanks Rob Sobolewski


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