Have a say in the ERC with OurSay

August 26 2017

There is a change happening in the local area, people are becoming more vocal, more ideas are proposed and change is slowly happening.

The ERC’s new Councillors will be having plenty to do as there is now two trains of thought established, ‘Open Space Strategy‘ and ‘Public Space Strategy‘.

The above two links will take you to the two sections and below explains the two.

For ‘Open Space Strategy’, there are three questions asked and they are wanting to know the following;

  • Are our parks, playgrounds, sporting reserves and open spaces important to you?
  • What do you use our parks and open spaces for?
  • How can our open spaces better meet the needs of our community?

    People can have their say thanks to a seven section survey that can be visited by clicking on the linked section of this paragraph or you can just submit your idea on the ‘Open Space Strategy’ page.

    For ‘Public Space Strategy’, the Council wants to know the following

  • What do you like and value about Deniliquin?
  • What could be better?
  • What do you want to see in Deniliquin’s future?
  • What are your ideas to make Deniliquin’s public spaces more welcoming and inviting?

    Like ‘Open Space Strategy’ there is a survey but it is only three sections instead of seven so it is the quickest way and there is also the idea submitting section on the ‘Public Space Strategy’ page.

    The forums close on October 30 so locals throughout the ERC have plenty of time to think about and answer the questions and help shape the future of the local area.


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