Poll Time (23/8/17)

August 23 2017

We are back with four new questions that hopefully will be of interest, we look at the Ute Muster, ERC Election, Rates and School Zones.

Is School Zone speeding becoming a problem?

About once a week, people around town will have heard from somebody else that cars going are fast along the designated school zones, so we are wondering if it is really a problem or just a person or two in a hurry to get somewhere.

Are rates still considered too high?

100% of those who voted four months ago said that they are too high, is it still the case or are things fairer?

Are you getting more excited about the Ute Muster?

By the time the Poll ends, it will be under a month to go until the Muster arrives, are people starting to look forward to the event or it is still buried deep in the mind?

What would you like to see happen from the ERC elections?

A couple of days after this poll is completed, residents of the ERC are going to the polling booth to pick the first full Edward River Council.

What kind of policy would you like to see, somebody combating rates? pushing for transport? making deals to get more cameras up at the Plaza? Be inclusive with other towns?

Will the Australia Day moving situation that is developing in Victoria happen in Edward River Council or will it stay put?

Multiple choice is available and the other section is available if you got something on your mind, it may be a winner.

Polls close on Tuesday September 5 and votes can be made on the right hand side (PC/Mac) and on the bottom for mobile users.


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