Past railway expansion attempts

August 14 2017

There were several attempts at expanding the railway line further into NSW from Deniliquin.

The below listed are some of the attempts or results of attempts at getting such projects off the ground whether through debates or parliamentary measures, as you will see the attempts lasted for several decades.

1883 – Deniliquin to Hay
1886 – Hay to Deniliquin  Tramway
1887 – Hay to Deniliquin Tramway
1888 – Deniliquin to Jerilderie (trial survey)
1890 – Hay to Deniliquin
1900 – Hay to Deniliquin
1902 – Hay to Deniliquin (Discussed by Deniliquin Council, not opposed)
1902 – Jerilderie to Deniliquin (Discussed and favoured by Deniliquin Council)
1911 – Jerilderie to Deniliquin
1914 – Jerilderie to Deniliquin (looked at by Works Committee)
1914 – Finley to Deniliquin (recommended)
1920 – Hay to Deniliquin
1920 – Deniliquin to Tuppal
1920 – Finley to Deniliquin
1921 – Finley to Deniliquin
1926 – Hay to Deniliquin
1927 – Hay to Deniliquin (rejected by Deniliquin Council)
1927 – Finley to Deniliquin
1927 – Jerilderie to Deniliquin
1928 – Deniliquin to Blighty (further reports in 1929)
1929 – Hay to Deniliquin
1951 – Deniliquin to Finley

As impossible as it seems now, back then an extension would not of had encountered buildings like it would now as buildings were still pretty spread out and the area wasn’t as developed.

Assuming the line would of been straight from beside the railway platform, the black line you see in the picture below is how we could of seen the line being extended out of town.

Poicitiers, Whitelock, Cressy, George and Charlotte streets would of had the line run through it before going over the Edward and most likely be at the back end of Edward River Oval and going on its merry way towards Victoria Street and up a short distance before running along the main roads to the destinations.

Once at Finley, the line could then make its way on to Jerilderie.

Proposed Line.png


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