Cafe leasehold for sale

August 12 2017

Cafe Bakery 285
is being listed as a ‘Potential Packed Investment’ according to

A 2 minute 22 second video has been made this week telling potential buyers of the leasehold option as well as the potential to take the freehold option of the Cafe that is considered highly profitable and well established.

The ad also says Cafe Bakery 285 is also known for serving the best coffee in town and brings in $480,000 to $500,000 a year and has seating for 50 customers plus a comfortable lounge area.

The ad voice-over gives lots of details such as the above ones and the fact over 10kg of coffee is used per week and the ad even gives ideas for a drive through service at the back as well as other expansion options.

The ad also mentions Cafe Bakery 285’s popularity as a meeting place for clubs and also mentions their catering options.

It is a very nice sales pitch video that oddly hasn’t registered any viewers (that probably will change now) though some may wonder why the start of the video does not mention the name of the business or show the shop front first before starting the photographic tour from the kitchen.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the end and wherever any of the suggestions will come true in the future.


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