Poll Time (9/8/17)

August 9 2017

We are back with four new questions that hopefully will be of interest, It is not easy coming up with questions every fortnight as we soon run out of topics but we think these new four are alright.

Does Deniliquin Plaza need more Cameras?

We asked this question in December 2016 and 62% of voters said no but as you may of seen in Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down groups cars are still getting hit on a regular basis with the driver usually getting away with it.

As seven months have gone by and with the reports ongoing, it was time to ask the question again to see which way the pendulum swings.

What is your favourite local event?

Out of the Cruising Nationals, Fishing Classic, Ute Muster and Deniliquin Show, which is your favourite local event? If there is an event you want added, let us know.

Are you looking forward to the 2017 Football/Netball Finals?

Finals are just around the corner and the Rams and the Rovers have teams heading for Finals action, are you looking forward to it? (answer doesn’t have to be Rams and Rovers specific).

Have you gotten used to a building between Town Hall and The Globe?

This question may seem odd but after twenty plus years looking at a fence, it may be a little strange seeing a building there again especially those who haven’t been in town for a couple of years.

Polls close on Tuesday August 22 and votes can be made on the right hand side (PC/Mac) and on the bottom for mobile users.


1 thought on “Poll Time (9/8/17)

  1. I miss the old street parades, when they had clowns, uni cycles etc. And the funny hospital floats & Navorina floats (which I took part in decorating) and lots of music. But they were in January & I think it was too hot- maybe Easter would be better.


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