Nominations for ERC ballot open

As this is being written, residents from inside what is Edward River Council boundaries are nominating themselves to potentially be elected to the first official term of the ERC on Saturday September 9.

Since last year’s controversial merger between Deniliquin Council and Conargo Shire, Ashley Hall has been administrator of the council and after the election the area will have a full council again.

This election is unique for Deniliquin as it is the first time that Deniliquin wants and needs are not the one and only concern of local council as we now have to share with our neighbours and vice versa.

On the other hand, the new ability to have Councillors from other towns could mean new ways to connect towns and spread prosperity across the region.

As of 12:20pm Wednesday August 9 the field of candidates stands at sixteen and they are the following;

Peter McCrabb

Norm Brennan
Airlie Circuitt
Ashley Hall
Norm McAllister
Pete Robinson
Sue Taylor
Peter Connell
Andrew Howley
Jeff Shand
Pat Fogarty
James Sides
Peta Betts

Nick Metcalfe

Rob Sobolewski

Mac Wallace

Details such as phone numbers, email addresses and additional candidates can be found here.

If anyone wants to put their hand up as a candidate it is recommended that you visit this page to find out the six steps needed to become a candidate in the election and then put in your nomination before Wednesday August 9.

All the details including the form you need to fill out and where to return it to is in Step 4.

We’ll have more on the election as we get closer to September 9.


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