Deniliquin Hotel Fires Throughout Time

May 8 2021

Listed here are fires that occurred either started in or spread to Deniliquin’s Hotels, this list will be improved over time.

This list began after plain research into local hotels started to reveal that fire was a common theme particularly in the 19th Century.

1858 – Royal Hotel
1859 – Royal Hotel
1861 – Royal Hotel (Stables, 1 death)
1867 – Wanderer Inn
1879 – Commercial Hotel (laundry room destroyed)
1883 – Globe Hotel
1884 – National Hotel
1884 – Commercial Hotel (Four deaths)**
1887 – Pyke’s Hotel
1888 – Exchange Hotel
1892 – Dublin Hotel
1893 – ‘Fire in old Hotel in George Street’ (St George Hotel???)
1894 – Galbraith’s Union Hotel
1896 – Black Swan Hotel*
1901 – Sandhurst Hotel (1 death)
1903 – Globe Hotel (curtains caught fire, quickly extinguished)
1905 – Bridge Hotel
1908 – Oddfellows Hotel (small dwelling at the rear)
1924 – Railway Refreshment Rooms
1934 – Donovan’s Hotel (Edward River Hotel?)
1934 – Globe Hotel

* The Black Swan Hotel fire is notable for the reason that the Fire Brigade was on strike over a pay issue and residents had to put it out themselves after an hour of brigade refusal.

** The Commercial Hotel Fire was judged to have been deliberately lit as the fire started in two different locations.


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