Poll Time (26/7/17)

July 26 2017

After a two week break, Poll Time is back with new questions

Deniliquin’s favourite local sport is…..

What is Deniliquin’s favourite local sport? Is it true that Aussie Rules is #1 or is there another local sport that grabs the masses attention?

Was the Major Projects Program cash spread out right?

8.6 million dollars was spread out throughout the ERC with Deniliquin getting the bulk of the cash but was that cash given to the right places? click here for the full funding spread.

If Deniliquin could get a third radio station, you’d want to hear….

People are still very unhappy with 2QN and 102.5 but it is too soon to again gauge the displeasure of their playlists so what if there was a third radio station, what would you desire music wise to put you in the radio listening mood?

(Adding own answer allowed, be sensible)

Sports Talk in Spring/Summer should….

Right now we cover the Rams and the Rovers Football and Netball adventures, would readers want Sports Talk to continue with something on throughout Spring and Summer or think we should take a rest after covering the two sports until Autumn.

Polls close on Tuesday August 8 and revealed on Deni Speaks the same day.


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