Deniliquin wins big

Deniliquin has received a great chunk of funding when it comes to the allocation of funds in the Edward River Council’s ‘Major Projects Program’.

The Deniliquin Swim Centre is the big individual winner by receiving $880,000 to revitalise the centre and that includes the introduction of a splash park which has been a big desire of locals whilst the pools will be fixed up and solar heating is a feature for one pool.

The second big allocation is for the Urban Road Infrastructure Program which will be receiving $2,390,000 and this will please many readers who believe the roads are currently not up to scratch

Another $2.1 million dollars is earmarked for Deniliquin River Front, Deniliquin Town Centre Streetscape, Arts and Culture Precinct, and Multi-Use Deniliquin Sports Precinct.

Deniliquin Regional Sports and Entertainment Stadium Extension will be receiving $540,000.

Deniliquin Children’s Centre will be getting an extension to the tune of $500,000.

Netball is a winner too with the Deniliquin Netball Facility Improvement Works getting $320,000

Beach to Beach Walk will be getting improvements to the tune of $300,000.

The Boat Club and Scout Hall will be sharing in $165,000.

The Deniliquin Airport Heritage Centre Development will be receiving the smallest amount which is $50,000 which will no doubt be put to great use and be of great interest to aviation enthusiasts.

All the above will be completed by June 30 2019 with funding acquitted by December 31 2019.

Full details can be read here and the Edward River Council Facebook page

Let the construction begin.


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