Sports Talk (15/7/17)

July 15 2017

The Rams were away against Finley whilst the Rovers hosted Strathmerton.

Results as usual are split into the categories Rams Football Results, Rovers Football Results, Rams Netball Results and Rovers Netball Results followed by our conclusion where we tally up the wins to see if the Rams and the Rovers win the day overall.

Rams Football Results (vs. Finley)

Seniors won 13.10 – 88 to 9.9 – 63
Reserves won 10.10 – 70 to 5.7 – 37
U/17’s won 13.5-83 to 5.3 – 33
U/14’s won 13.18-96 to 0.1 – 1

Rovers Football Results (vs. Strathmerton)

Seniors lost 16.14-110 to 10.6 – 66
Reserves lost 7.13-55 to 7.6 – 48
U/17’s won 11.14-80 to 3.1 – 19
U/14’s won 10.4-64 to 2.0 – 12

Rams Netball Results (vs. Finley)

A Grade won 62 to 50
B Grade lost 34 to 30
C Grade drawn 49 each
C Reserve lost 43 to 25
U/15’s won 43 to 25
U/13’s lost 34 to 26
U/12’s won 27 to 14

Rovers Netball Results (vs.  Strathmerton)

A Grade won 65 to 57
B Grade won 50 to 49
C Grade won 46 to 37
C Reserve won 44 to 23
U/17’s lost 42 to 36
U/15’s won 45 to 15
U/13’s won 38 to 6


The Rams Football sides won the day by winning all four of their matches.

The Rams Netball sides had a draw with both sides winning three matches and drawing the seventh.

The Rovers Football sides had an overall draw with both sides winning two matches each.

The Rovers Netball sides won the day by winning six out of the seven matches played.

We’ll be back next Thursday with a roundup on how all the Rams and Rovers sides are going leading up to Round 14 (Rams) and Round 15 (Rovers).

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